Mailman, the GNU Mailing List Manager

Mailman is free software for managing electronic mail discussion and e-newsletter lists. Mailman is integrated with the web, making it easy for users to manage their accounts and for list owners to administer their lists. Mailman supports built-in archiving, automatic bounce processing, content filtering, digest delivery, spam filters, and more. See the features page for details.

Mailman is free software, distributed under the GNU General Public License. Mailman is written in the Python programming language, with a little bit of C code for security.

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See the Security page for important security related information, including critical patches and contact information for reporting suspected security vulnerabilities. Also see the Mailman Wiki for the latest information about stable and development versions.

Current Version

The current stable GNU Mailman version is 2.1.15, released on 13-Jun-2012.


Mailman's lead developer is Barry Warsaw who can be contacted barry at list dot org. Mark Sapiro and Tokio Kikuchi are also core Mailman developers.

Barry, Mark, and Terri Oda form the Mailman Steering Committee.

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